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New Workshops for 2018!!

Mar. 25, 2018

We live our lives often unaware of the powers alive around us, especially the Plant Beings that emerge and grow and lend their energetic support to us 24/7 - in parks, boulevards - even our own backyards! This morning workshop - 9 to noon includes shamanic teaching, guided meditations, a nature walk to to find each participant's own nourishing and powerful Plant Being for this time, and a shamanic journey with the drum to meet and receive guidance/healing messages from the Spirit of the Plant. Each participant will begin the creation of a sacred text of wisdom from this Plant Being - hopefully to include many others that may appear to guide us along life's path. First workshop date TBD - depending on when snow melts and spring beings begin to show themselves. Click on link above or email me: for more information. Cost: $35, includes light snacks/beverages. Location: meet-up at selected nature spots and then transport to my home to journey, process and create the text.

A wild rose - a gift from the natural world to nourish us and teach us!  Learn more in my upcoming workshop series -

A wild rose - a gift from the natural world to nourish us and teach us! Learn more in my upcoming workshop series - "PLANT BEINGS in GRIEF: Gifts for Healing"


Jan. 6, 2018

Date: Wednesday, 2/14/18
Time: 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm
Cost: $35
Location: Joyful Connections, Blaine, MN - directions upon registration
To register: go to "Online Payments" and "Payment for Classes" and add class to your cart. Payment is through PayPal now or by cash/card at class.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Each of us in our essence embodies the spirit of our own Power Animal. When we wake up to the power of this being within us, we wake up to a more energetic, aware and powerful life. AND WHAT BETTER WAY TO SPEND VALENTINE'S DAY THAN OPENING ONE'S HEART TO ONE'S OWN INNER POWER!! Participants in this class will meet their Power Animal in a shamanic guided meditation with drum. They will also learn to recognize their Power Animal's traits as they manifest in everyday life, as well as how they might judge or resist their Power Animal's power. We will also explore the reality of the predatory nature of all life and the energetic consequences of denying this truth. Hosted by Amy Nesdahl-Sheets, Reiki Master/Teacher. Any questions, and for directions, email Cheryl: or call: 612-272-3977.

Jan. 6, 2018


Beginning with the February 14, 2018, class on Power Animals, I will be leading monthly classes on various aspects of shamanism and shamanic healing. Classes following include Shamanism 101, Power Around the Sacred Wheel, and the Mother Energies. Amy Nesdahl-Sheets, Reiki Master/Healer, founder of Joyful Connections, is kindly hosting the classes once again at her home in Blaine, MN.
Stay posted for the Shamanism Winter Class Series schedule as it becomes complete!

May. 2, 2017

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for "ILLUMINATING GRIEF" - Day Workshop Saturday, June 3, 2017

The first workshop of 2017 "ILLUMINATING GRIEF" is part of Joyful Connections' 4 Weeks/30 Classes/One Life-Changing Spring scheduled for Saturday, June 3 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. "Illuminating Grief" will offer shamanic movement through the Four Directions of the Sacred Wheel to help shift, transform, enlighten stuck, deadened or negative energies from unresolved grief and loss. We will integrate the forces of Nature around the wheel to empower our inner healing - outdoors, weather permitting - and create sacred beads as symbols of our shifts! Cost: $75 which includes supplies and continental breakfast. Bring a sack lunch! REGISTRATIONS will be taken through - group size is limited so claim your spot now! E-mail for Burnsville, MN location and directions ~

Mar. 16, 2016

Wednesday, 3/16/16 from 7-9 pm - $35. To register go to ! Class description: Shamanism is not a religion or a system of beliefs. It is an awakening to the unseen worlds of energy and power unique to each person's experience. Ancient and modern shamans strengthen their physical bodies, dreambodies, spirits and minds so as to be able to travel the dimensions to bring back information/hidden knowledge for healing and illumination. Participants will learn elements of a universal shamanism rooted in the ancient power of Woman and Mother Earth. They will become familiar with the powers of the four directions of the Sacred Wheel to discover their own energy patterns and reveal their essential nature: are they a Conjuror? Dreamer? Seer? or Energy Dancer? They will learn the importance of energy MOVEMENT and balancing, as well as what it means to create a space for Power - and whatever they are wanting to manifest - to live within them. Participants will learn about sacred shamanic tools and their usefulness in shifting energy while creating one of their own during class. Hosted by Amy Nesdahl-Sheets at Joyful Connections, 950 County 10, Spring Lake Park, MN. Any questions, e-mail Cheryl: or call: 612-272-3977.

Apr. 19, 2016

Tuesday, 4/19/16 from 7-9 pm - $35. To register go to ! Class description: The Mother Energies as communicated through the teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields are rooted in ancient Mayan teachings. They are extraordinarily powerful illuminators of the major patterns of energy that move through all genders of humans. In this class participants will learn the characteristics of each of the Mother Energies: Nurturing Mother, Rainbow Mother, Death Mother and Crazy Woman. They will identify their experiences of these energies in themselves and recognize the Mother Energy they are by nature. They will create their own Sacred Wheel to ground their understandings of the Mother relationships, and learn the importance of allowing and honoring each of them. Hosted by Amy Nesdahl-Sheets, Reiki Master/Teacher, at Joyful Connections, 950 County 10, Spring Lake Park, MN. Any questions, e-mail Cheryl: or call: 612-272-3977.

Apr. 30, 2016

Saturday, 4/30/16 from 10 am - 3 pm - $75 (bring sack lunch). To register go to ! Workshop description: Grief illuminates what we hold in the dark but is not of the dark. It belongs to the realm of Rainbow Mother and is the Light Energy of healing movement. Grief energies want to shift and move in freedom so as to release what no longer serves us and to deepen the space for power to live However, we tend to want to control, even stop, that movement for many reasons, conscious and unconscious. In this 5-hour workshop participants will move through shamanic teaching and guided visualizations around the Sacred Wheel to discover where they hold onto grief energies in all directions. They will capture their healing and insights in sacred art and close with gifts of reiki as personal healing blessings. Hosted by Amy Nesdahl-Sheets, Reiki Master/Teacher, at Joyful Connections, 950 County 10, Spring Lake Park, MN. If questions, e-mail Cheryl: or call: 612-272-3977.

Mysteries of MotherLoss Workshop - POSTPONED - DATE TBD!

Honor the loss of your mother by exploring the mystery of grief that is your "final" birthing from her spiritual "womb!"  Stay posted for updated date and location!

Mysteries of FatherLoss Workshop - POSTPONED - DATE TBD!

Honor the loss of your father by exploring the mysteries of his Being in your life and transform your grief around the Sacred Wheel! Stay posted for updated date and location.

Memories and Flowers Workshop - Date TBD

Explore the mystery of memories as flowers and flowers as memories to strengthen and heal in the grief process!

Sacred Grief Bead-making Workshop - Date TBD

The creation of sacred art is an important piece of shamanic healing.  Rhonda Ochoa, aka Mystic Raven, has developed an entire art around sacred bead making and sells them from her Etsy shop (see her photo to right). She has also gathered materials for others to do this work.  This workshop uses those materials and adapts her work to grief-healing, moving through guided meditation to access deep symbols of your grief/your life/your healing power and then into the creation of sacred beads from those symbols.  Stay posted for updates regarding this year's date and location.

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